What do we need
to know
our suppliers


We invite people who love and are able not only to play, but also to earn money on their favorite MMORPG, to mutually beneficial cooperation. Also, if you just got tired of playing and you decided to sell the good accumulated during the game, we can help you in this!

Perfect World International

716 513 642


Please remember a few points

01We do not buy the currency in advance,
no matter how low your price.
02The newsletter is sent immediately after the order is received,
if you are on the list, be sure to receive our message.
03No online game has a fixed purchase price,
so do not ask every day for a price.
Due to the load of the operator,
the answer can be expected longer than usual.
04We do not pay for the goods in advance.

The supplier is obliged

01As soon as possible, execute the order,
after providing the order data.
02When sending the game currency by mail,
copy the recipient's nickname from the operator's message.
03Always take screenshots of sending the game
currency and present them at the store's first request.
For this you can use: ssmaker, clip2net, qip shop.
04Responsibility for the delivery (sending, transfer)
of currency and items to characters with a different name (a similar name) or
on another server, is solely the responsibility of the provider.
05The store has an advantage over the supplier in terms of trust and can make payment only after the order has been completed, at the latest no later than 24 hours, unless additional conditions have been agreed with the supplier in advance.

We also accept the game currency for sale,
On the following conditions:

01It is strictly forbidden to withdraw the game currency from
the account given to the implementation without agreement with the operator.
02Terms of implementation are agreed with the operator when
accepting a game currency, no more than 14 days.
03It is forbidden to log on to the account provided to the
implementation without agreement with the operator.
04The game currency is transferred to a pre-prepared